Civicom Chatterbox® Introduces Active Archive™ for Online Bulletin Boards and Private Online Communities

Civicom Chatterbox® announces Active Archive™ – its newly expanded range of services for project storage. Whether a project was completed yesterday, or even last year, a researcher now has multiple options for accessing important respondent data, moderator postings, and uploaded multimedia, such as photos and videos, no matter how long it has been since a project was completed.

Civicom Chatterbox® is a multifunctional, multimedia online bulletin board useful for online focus groups, (BBFG’s) online forums, and private online communities.

Civicom Chatterbox® offers a wide array of archiving options. Readily available directly on the board is the ability to create printer friendly versions of each discussion and to download all files uploaded to the board by the moderator and project manager. With just a few directions to the Civicom Chatterbox® team, we can prepare custom reports in the file type and format you prefer. Marketing researchers may also elect to have Civicom Chatterbox® stay open for an extended period of time, or get all files in a DVD or external hard drive.

Storage can also be adjusted to accommodate any number of files, regardless of size. This makes it possible for respondents and researchers alike to be as creative and in-depth as possible when posting photos or videos to the Chatterbox® board.

Civicom offers redundant storage facilities with fail-over back up, adding an extra level of protection. For the researcher, this means that identical data is not just stored in one location, but two. In the highly unlikely event that one storage location was no longer functional; the data would be accessible in an identical storage location. All data is further protected by a layer of security features. This enhanced level of security now gives researchers peace of mind regarding their ability to both protect the confidentially of a project, as well as to get access to it if needed.

Civicom Chatterbox® provides the researcher with everything needed in an online bulletin board and more. This online multimedia bulletin board lets researchers experience contact with everything in one place – respondent online diaries, moderator questionnaires, polls, and private discussions with clients and observers. Civicom Chatterbox® can handle virtually all multimedia file types. If there’s a file type you need added, Chatterbox can accommodate it.

To learn more about Civicom Chatterbox®, call 203-618-1811, email, or visit:


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