Civicom Exhibits at the 2012 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in Rome

QRCA / AQR Conference in Rome

Greenwich, CT USA, April 24, 2011. Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom will exhibit at The 2012 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in Rome, Italy on April 25th – 27th to show their support to the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

Civicom is an expert in managing your international IDIs and focus groups using the latest technologies, combined with superior client service and support. Civicom also offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Qualitative Research, which gives marketing researchers the ability to get actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through respondents using mobile devices, smart phones, and even traditional land lines. Civicom also offers an iPad and iPhone App for mobile research. Learn more about Civicom Marketing Research Services.

The Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research is a much anticipated event in the industry.  Sponsors, attendees and exhibitors alike are all looking forward to flying to Rome and attending this prestigious biennial event.  The Rome 2012 conference is amicably named Qualitative Renaissance – Challenge Your Thinking.  The whole world is now at another turning point due to technology advancements. The conference will address how conventional methodologies are increasingly challenged. It will also showcase how new methods and technologies are being embraced as everyone dives deeper into the subject of creating new ways of uncovering human truths and cultural insights.

Marketing research technology providers continue to discover and develop new solutions to expand the qualitative research toolkit which will allow researchers to broaden their reach while empowering them to get closer to respondents as they are in-the-moment.  Civicom’s consultative approach to handling projects helps researchers to open their minds as conventional methodologies continue to evolve and researchers adapt to new technology that increases data accuracy and efficiencies.  The practical reasons such as less travel and less cost are some of the underlying effects of integrating new technology to traditional methodology

Civicom CyberFacility – the phone and online solution for conducting IDIs and Focus Groups, is just one of the perfect examples of marketing research’s evolution of methodology.  Traditional interviews and focus groups that used to be very restrictive due to time and geographic constraints has turned to phone and online solutions to reach a broader respondent base, gain control of privacy, increase productivity and maintain focus on the research rather than the process.  Civicom’s IDIs and Focus Group services are tailored to support the specific requirements of your unique project. Civicom listens and work with you to develop an audio and web approach that works for your specific needs. They have designed many solutions that clients never imagined could be done online and over the phone, including ideation studies, website usability, and shopper insights.

Civicom is a loyal supporter of the QRCA and has been a sponsor of their annual conference since 2007.

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