Civicom Performs an Encore Presentation of Their Pinterest for Marketing Research Webinar

Pinterest for Marketing ResearchGreenwich, CT USA, May 29, 2012. Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom hosted a webinar on “Making the Most of Pinterest in Marketing Research” on May 15.  This very well attended event sparked demand for a repeat now scheduled for Tuesday June 5th, at 1pm EDT.  The webinar was led by Rebecca West, Civicom VP of Marketing Research Services, accompanied by Amor de Castro, Civicom’s project leader for mobile qualitative services, and Annie McDannald, a Civicom lead account manager and specialist in web based solutions for valued clients. Both Annie and Amor are specialists in working with Pinterest.

Civicom identifies and shares opportunities where marketing researchers can creatively integrate new tools that are available to them and their respondents for optimal engagement and participation.  The company’s research team scoured the web and did the homework for its attendees by compiling and presenting the key concepts related to Pinterest that are of value to the marketing research industry.

In the webinar, the presenters tackled what Pinterest is, reviewed its typical uses, and explored the demographic of Pinterest users.   They used screen sharing to do a brief walk through of the ins and outs of how Pinterest works.   They discussed the appeal of Pinterest to brands and customers, as well as copyright concerns, privacy issues, and also gave an overview of other sites similar to Pinterest. The webinar communicated that Pinterest certainly has its place in marketing research by enabling respondents to have a new avenue for expressing themselves.

Pinterest is the latest, hottest emerging site for social media.  Civicom explained that Pinterest presents interesting opportunities for marketing researchers to work with respondents to discover insights into a client’s product needs.  Pinterest boasts 21 million unique visitors with an average time on site of 16:40 minutes per visit (information from “A Case Study in Social Media Demographics”).  Visitors are very receptive to Pinterest’s attractive layout and usability. You can easily get a glimpse of the appeal of Pinterest by just going to the Pinterest website, even without having an account.

Due to an overwhelming demand for the webinar, Civicom will host a rerun of “Making the Most of Pinterest in Marketing Research” on Tuesday June 5th, at 1pm EDT.  Interested marketing researchers can register for the event through this link: Click Here

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