Mobile Qualitative Research Gets Data in the Moment

Civicom Insitu Mobile ResearchIt has proven time and time again that mobile research has opened up areas which weren’t possible before the mobile evolution. Mobile phone technology has evolved so much in the past years that it is now common to see people using video-enabled mobile devices. With this new technology, mobile researchers can now have direct access to the lives of consumers more than ever before, whenever and wherever they are—whether they are traveling, working in the office, dining at a restaurant, or shopping at the mall. Research participants can use their mobile phones to send in their responses or provide feedback during the event or consumer experience, enabling the researchers to acquire in-depth and relevant data which is also time-sensitive, which was not possible before the era of mobile qualitative research.

This is what is important to businesses nowadays—getting closer to their consumers , and getting to know them better to make more accurate business decisions and introduce new innovations to the consumer experience.

Mobile qualitative research is also a cost-effective research tool for today’s marketers. Researchers are able to expand their range, and the locations of the participants are no object. That is, participants may be from a local area, may be selected nationally, or even internationally, and as long as participants own a mobile phone, it will not be necessary for clients to travel and devote more time to the research activity than needed. Another advantage is, feedback and data collected via mobile qualitative research is transmitted faster, either through the mobile devices or online, and since the logistics of the research activity requires mobile phones, the research is much easier to set up than the traditional offline, non-mobile qualitative research. Furthermore, the researchers are able to immerse themselves into the lives of consumers and follow the participants effectively, 24/7, at virtually no cost.

The interactivity feature of mobile qualitative research also gives the researchers an opportunity to send instructions to participants or interview participants during the actual consumer activity. Mobile qualitative research makes it convenient for participants to respond and send their feedback at the exact moment of the consumer experience.

It is also possible through mobile qualitative research, to conduct followup research. Participants may be given homework assignments after focus group discussions or in-depth interviews. Through this, the participants may share additional insights about their consumer behavior, yielding more comprehensive data for the researchers to analyze.