Civicom is a Sponsor at Upcoming ESOMAR Congress 2012 in Atlanta

ESOMAR Congress 2012 Marketing Research

Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom is a bronze sponsor at the ESOMAR Congress 2012 in Atlanta Sept 9 – 12 to show support to the marketing research industry in discussing and exploring best practices and ethics in conducting research in this new technological era.

As quoted from Thomas Sowell: “The march of science and technology does not imply growing intellectual complexity in the lives of most people. It often means the opposite.” The marketing research industry has made that giant leap to use technology to break geographical boundaries. Global communications and understanding diverse cultural markets have improved significantly to a point where data gathering has gotten easier and faster. In this day and age of instant gratification where anything you ask somehow has an answer or opinion that is searchable on Google, where do marketing researchers draw the line to preserve the integrity of their data and the privacy of their respondents? When barriers have faltered, how does one begin to imagine regulating the liberated space of information freedom?

The ESOMAR Congress is a much awaited event in the marketing research industry joined by researchers from small and large companies. They continue to facilitate discussions among its members as they engage them in the topic of best practices and ethics in the ever-changing world of research. It’s certainly a well-attended event by delegates from all over the world – researchers, decision makers, influencers and consumer advocates.

This is the second time that Civicom is attending the ESOMAR Congress. Last year’s conference was in Amsterdam. This year has a really interesting roster of speakers and presentations. One of the keynote speakers that everyone’s probably looking forward to is Adam Gyorgy, and his presentation on Inspiration and Music.

Civicom continues to support ESOMAR and the marketing research industry by sharing its Global Expertise that has surpassed expectations of researchers who have longed to conduct projects in other countries – from telephone and web-enabled IDIs and Focus Groups, mobile qualitative research and online bulletin boards. The company believes in creating practical innovative technology solutions to make it possible for marketing researchers to reach a broader respondent base, as well as the opportunity to reach every person with a phone or a computer, all over the world. The resulting insights are greatly valued as an integral part of the bigger picture of marketing research: reaching the right target market and sending the right message, in a diverse culture across multiple countries. Civicom’s vast network of moderators and translators in over 96 countries has been an essential element in the success of every international project they have handled – nothing gets lost in translation.