Utilizing Today’s Technology for Event Planning

Events are an invaluable tool for marketing. It is undeniable how an event can make or break a brand thus it is very important to learn from the past events and prepare for new ones. Technology has played an important rule in the way events are conducted and more importantly how we document the event user experiences.

Imagine how it was back in the days where people were perfectly alright with filling out a paper from and faxing it in and if that didn’t work most often than not people wouldn’t be so upset and think badly about an event, but then again people had a much lower expectation then. Now with the increase in technological advancements, allowing people to communicate and share data seamlessly through devices that fit so neatly in one’s pocket, there isn’t really much of an excuse not to be able to send at least a message or two.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that organizations started utilizing this and started coining the term “social media”. These days people are strongly incorporating the use of Facebook, Twitter and so on to obtain client feedback in real time. With the developing technology today one can utilize these social media tools, in the lines of marketing and communication strategies, with limitless possibilities and that includes event marketing.

In a promotional standpoint, social media platforms can prove to be quite beneficial. Let’s say you wanted to promote an upcoming event to a wide range of people, one simply had to use a with array of social media sites to post about your event and its details such as time, venue and more allowing millions of potential viewers to get instantly informed. Event registration can be done easily by including an online ticketing page link.

Another good example is the use of Twitter. Twitter has been adopted by several organizations, both big and small to “tweet” and disseminate (140characters or less) updates, events and other activities on a daily basis. Twitter users can follow “tweets” from people, business, organizations, etc on Twitter with just a simple click. This ease of use makes it the most favored medium to spread the word to the public and get responses in return.

The popularity of social media has become more solidified with the current developments in mobile technology. Smartphones and mobile tablet devices now account for the major spike in the growth of social media.  One can now request for user feedback via social media to these mobile devices to you target audience in a timely manner. The contacts can respond immediately with their feedback and suggestions using their mobile devices.

The highly interactive nature of how mobile technology and social media is now that gets them fully engaged. Added to that is the beauty of the way technology has simplified a once mundane task that attracts people the most. If utilized well, one can organize events and improve on them from conceptualization to event user experience feedback all in the comfort of one’s seat.  Considering all this, one would be foolish not to consider the limitless possibilities that these two power house tools can be in the events organization field both now and in the future. As time changes the way we interact so does how events should be ever changing to capture that interest.