Civicom Speaks About Pinterest for Marketing Research on CRC in Dallas

Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom is speaking at the Corporate Researchers Conference in Dallas Sept 19 – 21, to share their expertise on how to use Pinterest for marketing research.

The creative minds behind Civicom’s research and development department have packaged Pinterest for marketing research.  For the Corporate Researchers Conference, the team has compiled and will present the key concepts related to Pinterest that are of value to the marketing research industry.  Civicom will identify and share opportunities where marketing researchers can integrate Pinterest as a new tool available to them and their respondents for optimal research engagement and participation. Civicom will also present several options for how Pinterest can be used in marketing research studies.

In the session “Making the Most of Pinterest in Marketing Research,” Civicom will discuss what Pinterest is, review its typical uses, and explore the demographic of Pinterest users.  Civicom will explain the appeal of Pinterest to brands and customers, discuss copyright concerns and privacy issues, and give an overview of other sites similar to Pinterest. The session will focus on sharing with researchers where Pinterest has its place in marketing research in offering respondents a new avenue for expressing themselves. Civicom ran webinars on Pinterest in June and July that involved a screen sharing walk through of the ins and outs of how Pinterest works.   The live session on Pinterest at the CRC will have a similar theme.

Civicom’s VP of Marketing Research Services for Civicom – Rebecca West will be presenting at the CRC.  Rebecca a member of Civicom’s Board of Directors and Management Team. She established and leads the company’s marketing research services practice. She is a specialist in applying mobile qualitative research technology in research and business strategy. She leads the team in assisting marketing research clients in structuring the best approaches to successfully reaching intended audiences and achieving desired outcomes through the best use of various media. Rebecca is on the Board of Directors of the Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA)  and is a frequent speaker and writer on research utilizing mobile qualitative tools. She holds a master’s degree in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research and a certificate from Harvard Business School in Managing Professional Service Firms.

Civicom Marketing Research Services supports marketing researchers by facilitating their telephone and web-enabled research projects using the latest technologies, combined with superior client service and support. Civicom also offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, which gives marketing researchers the ability to get actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through respondents using mobile devices, smart phones, and even traditional land lines. Civicom also offers an iPad and iPhone App for mobile research. Learn more about Civicom Marketing Research Services.

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