Importance of Drug Choice Tracking via Mobile Platforms Such as Smartphones

Drug Choice TrackingEver had a headache and all you wanted was to simply get something that works quickly to get that nasty pain away without having to sacrifice on your productivity for the day? You would have to go to a pharmacy to ask for an over the counter medication that would do just the trick, but because of the many choices that the pharmacists would give you let alone have to sift through the shelves going over several choices and reading through many descriptions making your headache even more unbearable. That’s what many people go through everyday and not just with a simple headache, there are many more situations where people are left dumbfounded with the number of choices and lack of time to answer long questions and waiting in line just to get the right medication that might not even be effective.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something right there at the palm of your hand that would provide you with the information on the medications you could take based on your symptoms with the necessary step by step procedure of how to take them and if not effective show you else you could do about it? Plus allowing doctors to be ready on call to answer your queries if ever the choices are unclear and are making you weary. That magical tool is now available through applications that have been developed and are constantly being updated in the current smartphones. If applications are not available the internet is most certainly there to help out all with just a few clicks of the thumb.

People have long been using the internet as a medium to research about particular drugs and their information for as long as the internet has hit the masses. With Google, Bing and many more search engines, have made searching for information so easy and that is now present in everyday smartphones. The beauty if it is that people are doing it at the comfort of their own homes or bringing it with them as they go to their daily tasks. Because of this, it is becoming more and important for the medical group to start tracking what is being used for each particular ailment at any given time. This is important for two reasons – Medical Research and Marketing Research.

Medical Researchers should take into account the widespread dangers of people starting to self-medicate themselves without proper medical consultation. From the abuse of the analgesic to treat symptoms of pain which could more or less be a symptom of something even much worse to wrongly self-prescribed dosages that would utterly cause the user’s body to break down and get poisoned unintentionally. By tapping into the current technologies available, such as the smartphone applications, and using that to reach out and check on what these people are buying and taking, the medical researchers are able to track what medications would need stricter policies to those that would be safe for use. It would also allow them to reach out to those that would be attempting self-medication and enable them to communicate with them to thus educate them on proper use right at the time when they would need it the most preventing unnecessary harm that the consumer may encounter if not intervened.

Marketing researchers on the other hand have the power to make a product even better and more effective based on user feedback and real time studies. People that have ailments that require particular attention can log their information easily and with the presentation of choices can be tracked on a per occasion basis as well as log in the effectiveness of the drug and its duration. This information allows the drug companies to data that would help them develop something much better and more efficient than what is currently being utilized out there. All this with just a matter of a few clicks of a button via the users Smartphone.

Technology has truly brought a lot of advantages and disadvantages in the medical field. With proper education and effective use of research and marketing strategies through this given medium the public is guaranteed a much safer and effective treatment in real time at any given time.