Civicom Launches Newly Designed Marketing Research Solutions Website

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Greenwich, CT, USA, November 30, 2012. Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom has released its new website. The new site is a researcher’s gateway to Civicom’s expanded services.

The new Civicom Marketing Research Services website features fresh new content that is a rich resource for the marketing research industry.  It is packed with expanded information to answer questions on how Civicom Marketing Research Services can support you on your next marketing research project.  It seeks to highlight the opportunity for every marketing researcher, whether independent or a member of a research company, to go global in this age of constant technological advancement.  Civicom also highlights its commitment to your success as it continues to be known for its excellent client care.

An expanded section on IDIs and Focus Groups, branded as Civicom’s CyberFacility, shows you how running your interviews and focus groups are easier and more convenient when entrusted to Civicom the expert. You can also become knowledgeable about Civicom Chatterbox®, the online bulletin board solution and how Civicom can assist you in your next asynchronous online discussion.  In the new website, you can learn more about Civicom InSitu® Mobile Qualitative, and how it is a tool that can take the marketing researcher to an intimate level with a respondent, through listening to their in-the-moment thoughts and reactions to what they are experiencing.  Civicom also explains how they can provide respondent recruiting assistance with their capable team at CiviSelect™ that can support you in validating the qualifications of each respondent.

The new website also features Civicom Data Analytics, offering tools designed to take your text documents and provide data extraction, text analysis, and sentiment analysis, with supporting infographics. All these services can be provided not only within the U.S. but all over the world.  Civicom handles multiple projects every month in other countries and in different languages.

New MRS_9Discover new case studies located in the redesigned Download Center and get to read more on the many uses and applications of the services Civicom Marketing Research Services offers.  Website visitors can sign up for an access code to the download center that enables them to watch videos of webinars the company has hosted , plus view Civicom presentations at events like the MRMW (Marketing Research in the Mobile World) and the CRC (Corporate Researchers Conference).  The most in-demand webinar recording on “Making the Most of Pinterest in Marketing Research” is also available in the Download Center.

The new website also features Mobile Mystery Shopping.  Civicom Marketing Research Services will attend the MSPA-AP Annual Conference (Mystery Shoppers Providers Association-Asia Pacific) November 19 to 21 in Manila, Philippines, and will discuss how mobile mystery shopping can deliver richer insights.  Civicom is also scheduled to fly to Malaysia to speak at the MRMW-AP Event in January, 2013.

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