Defining Qualitative Market Research

What is Qualitative Marketing ResearchWhen one is asked to conduct market research, whether it be traditional or mobile market research, there is always two methodologies that researchers would go with – Qualitative or Quantitative.

Researchers that choose qualitative methods of conducting research are more focused on getting an in-depth background of the way a consumer thinks and feels during the decision making process.

When it comes to the methods used in qualitative market research, the most popular choices would be In-depth Interviews and Focus Group Discussions. Other methods of qualitative involve usability testing, brainstorming and mind mapping sessions and VOX Pop surveys.

In Depth Interviewing is where the main focal point of the qualitative research is on the business markets. Here the researcher acts an interviewer and spends time with the respondents, engaging them in a one on one interview to find out what their particular circumstance is and get their individual opinions with regards to a particular product of service.

In-Depth interviews are conducted in person. This provides an added benefit to the researchers, as they are able to visit the respondents’ location and is able to obtain data not only provided during the interview itself but also of the environment. This allows the researcher access to the way they “do” things within the respondents’ natural eco-system. One downside though is that if a study of this kind where to be conducted across borders and more so across continents, telephone or other electronic means of in-depth interviews would be more appropriate.

Focus Group Discussions

Focus group discussions are the most favored due to the amount of data that can be obtained in a short manner of time, but it can become quite taxing and costly compared to the one on one In Depth qualitative research method. However, online technology has evolved in such a way as to deal with this particular research method’s issues. Focus Group Discussions is a discussion that is lead by a researcher, called moderator, to discuss and explore a particular topic such a product of service and obtain and also to encourage creative ideas from the participants.

It is quite rare for large business to go through this method using the traditional way of focus group discussions were done, but with the mobile technology such as smartphones and feature phones, it has allowed larger companies and even small to medium enterprises to conduct these easily, increase data efficacy and obtain group feedback in real time. This allows it to become an even more effective method of understanding what customers would be looking for and help it at the creative stages of product of service research.