Mobile Takes You to a More Intimate Level with Your Respondents

The aim of qualitative marketing research has always been to dig deeper. It endeavors to find the answers to why, when, how, who or other questions that can not be answered by just a number or percentage.

Mobile Takes You to a More Intimate Level with Your Respondents
Since each research may vary from simple products or services to more advanced or complex ones the responses roused are naturally, also diverse. Aside from the pursuit of gaining information about certain queries, the validity of the information collected is just as important as to how it will affect the result of the entire study.
Often times, a respondent would give an answer they think is expected by the interviewer – especially if they feel quite uncomfortable about the actual answer in their mind. After all, they are still talking to a stranger.

This is common when the focus of the study is quite sensitive or if the personality of the respondent is really withdrawn. Of course, as time passes and the respondent gets more comfy with the researcher their feedback about certain topics become more open or direct as to when they first start.
Mobile marketing research has expanded into the privacy of the respondents. However, it does not make them uncomfortable because they have the tool in their hands which they can use anyhow and anytime in their convenience. This gives them a sense of independence although they have tasks needed to be fulfilled. This also makes them open up more since not everything they send back to the researchers has to be done in person but through mobile connections.

There are times when the research requires the respondents to take a video of themselves using a certain product or acquiring a specific service. Instead of having someone follow them around with a camera or voice recorder, they could just take the video or recording themselves and submit it to their facilitator through their chosen mode of communication. Not only does it remove the goose bumps of someone literally breathing down your neck but also the tendency for answers to be faked for the sake of ‘getting it over with’.

For shopper insights and mystery shopping, mobile research makes them feel like a real critique or expert. This gives them a sense of pride and importance which brings out more natural comments. Of course they are aware of why and what they are doing but the more freedom they have in accomplishing those chores, the better and the more interesting the results are.