Mobile Research Continuous to Grow in Q2

Looking keenly into how fast the trends of technology change and how they do, you can begin to notice something that is common among all the new tech and gear that people have – it’s always becoming handier and handier.

Convenience – a word that technology cannot do without. Remember the time when computers were as huge as rooms? As the years passed, it got smaller and smaller. Now we have notebooks that fit right into a woman’s handbag.

Remember the first types of mobile phones? They were the size of a wireless home phone with a protruding antenna. Now, it can fit in the palm of our hands, minus the bulky antenna. Nowadays, it’s no longer just a phone. It’s a smartphone. Soon, the smartphones will probably be called mini computers.

Everything in our modern age keeps developing into something better, more useful and more powerful. It is only natural for mobile research to flow with this inevitable trend. Marketing research used to separate quantitative and qualitative research but now, the need for having them rolled into one – Q2 – is increasing.

With mobile research it can all be possible. Take a few moments to reflect on the methods of collecting information in both types of researches. Micro-surveys, Focus Groups, In Depth Interviews, Multi-language boards, mystery shopping, shopper insights – all these can be done through smartphones today.

Respondents and their regulators can be in touch at all times. There are apps available for the respondents to download in order to accomplish tasks like taking videos, recordings, capturing images, participating in online focus group discussions, doing in depth interviews online, and more which are all doable with a smartphone. All you need is a good internet connection and you are set to go.

The dilemma in most researches was the turnaround time for the whole process. How long the research would take, how long the information would be good for? The aim was to always find fresh, useful data and take advantage of it and make it the next step in medicine, in technology, in fashion, in food, name it.

Mobile research is easily the most practical way to get ahead in the competition. Why?  Everyone has one. Who doesn’t have a mobile phone in this era?

Everyone could forget other things but not their phone. It is used for business and pleasure. It is like an extended part of the body. If there is one way to get to someone fast, it’s through their mobile phone.

Not only can you be sure that someone will be on the other end of the line but you can also guarantee that whatever they do with their phone is because of what is needed, or what is in now. And nothing is more vital than that.

Source: Amazines