Build Your Brand in Market Research Multimedia Boards

Today, marketing research tools are all accessible through the internet. Many marketing research tools have been adjusted to fit all the needs of a moderator and a respondent in an online platform making it more convenient, faster and cost effective than traditional methods.


One tool commonly used in market research is the multimedia boards. Multimedia boards are like online bulletins with more functionality. Multimedia boards now have features that allow tagging, highlighting, organizing the responses given by respondents, accessibility of the observers and more. Discussions can be done through a multimedia board. It has translation services that allow you to communicate with respondents from foreign countries easily.


One feature in a multimedia board is branding. Branding means you can add a title to your research. You can opt to put what the project is about and put the name of the organization you are in. This allows anyone who sees your board to recognize who is in charge of that certain research.


Building a brand name is like building a reputation in the marketing research industry. If you are an independent researcher, or a small research firm, building a brand can help clients view how you conduct your research or projects and what kind of projects you can handle since you carry it in the brand you make. When clients see different projects under the same brand name – it gives the impression that the researcher is adept and resourceful for being able to handle different types of projects. This opens a door to potential clients in the future.


What does that do? For starters, brands make it easy to identify what a client is looking at in the board. What kind of research it is about, who the moderator is and possibly see other projects under the same moderator or research firm. Building a brand in multimedia boards opens opportunities for independent and small research firms to make a name in the market research industry.


Multimedia boards are no longer just a place for only the researcher and respondent to correspond but also a way for independent marketing research firms to gain more clients. In every multimedia board, there is an option to invite observers into the discussions.


Does this violate any confidentiality agreement? No. The multimedia board is available to those who are already part of the online community which is only accessible if you have an active account. The information collected is still private thus adhering to the confidentiality agreement.