Why Mobile Research?

Why not? A response some of you might want to say, and surely many will agree that mobile research is the next big thing in marketing research.



Mobile phones have become the extended part of our lives. It is not considered a luxury to own a mobile phone but a necessity. Almost 100% of young people, businessmen, housewives, and even the jobless have mobile phones. To each one, their mobile phone has a level of importance that goes beyond just messaging and calling. It is their planner, their phonebook, reminder, alarm clock, mp3 player, gaming device, etc. It is not surprising to see people with no other tech at hand except a mobile phone.


Companies nowadays provide mobile phones to their employees for work purposes. Not hard phones – mobile phones. Most businesses are now conducted via mobile phones because of its handiness and convenience making it the primary means of which to communicate with others at any time and any place.


Mobile phone connectivity is not limited to one area. It is global. With the use of mobile phone applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, What’s App, Tango and Skype make talking to someone on the other side of the globe feel like they’re not far at all.


Everyone knows how to use a mobile phone. Not knowing how to use a mobile phone would sound like you’re from another planet – even senior citizens know how to use a mobile phone now. Because of mobile technology, everyone knows how to make a call, download an application, take a photo or video, record audio, search through the net, and do many other things online making respondents able and knowledgeable in using those tools for research or collecting information.


Information is accurate. For researchers, they can be sure that the information they receive are real time, up to date and fresh. No more made up or inaccurate information. Everything is fast, convenient and accurate making mobile research the most chosen form of conducting research today and in the near future it will only double or triple in number or percentage.


Nobody is unreachable. Respondents that are difficult to reach are definitely reachable through mobile research. The pool of potential respondents has become enormous. Nobody will be too busy to participate in a research. Even respondents who live in more remote or difficult to find locations can now be accessible.


In that sense, many marketing research companies are creating and improving their mobile research tools to get ahead in the market research industry.