Civicom Chatterbox®

Chatterbox for Online CommunitiesYour Practical Research Tool for Online Bulletin Boards and Private Online Communities

Interested in hosting a bulletin board focus group, an online forum, or a private online community? Civicom Chatterbox is your practical solution. We’ve designed a system that can be tweaked to ensure you meet your study objectives with quality outcomes every time.

The Civicom Chatterbox® Multimedia Board provides a wealth of flexible options. Use it for almost any kind of online blog or bulletin board-type application.

Civicom has designed Chatterbox with the input of many marketing researchers who have shared their desires for what an online bulletin board and private online community should offer. We’ve built their requests into Civicom Chatterbox. We continue to listen to our clients for their ideas on how we can continually upgrade our products to serve the needs of marketing researchers.