IDIs and Online Focus Groups

The quality of your research is very important to you. When you interview respondents in your telephone or web based IDIs or focus groups, you want things to go perfectly. That’s why marketing researchers come to Civicom Marketing Research Services.

Quality… Convenience… Expertise… Technical Experience… Savings… In-depth understanding of marketing research and what it is intended to accomplish… these are the hallmarks of your experience when you entrust your audio and web enabled in depth interviews and focus groups to Civicom Marketing Research Services.

Web-Enabled Telephone Interview

webcam interviews

Webcam Focus Group – Moderator View With Multiple Stimuli

Online focus groups

Webcam Focus Group – No Stimuli – Moderator View

Virtual Focus Group

Stimuli Assistance

Need to have your respondents look at stimuli, such as ads, ideas, product labels, or video? We set up your visual stimuli so you gain maximum results from respondent exposure to what they need to see. You can zoom in, randomize stimuli, present complex visuals in ways easily understood. We can also help you with marking tools.

Respondent Readiness

We check flash version, confirm respondents can enter the web room, and assure webcams are successfully installed and focused on the respondent. We’ll report any respondent issues to you in advance so adjustments can be made. When the IDI or focus group begins, respondents are ready.

Website Usability

Website usability is best analyzed when you can observe the respondent right on the client
website and receive a streaming media file of the interview afterwards. Civicom Marketing Research Services helps facilitate website usability studies globally and across the U.S.

Global Expertise

Civicom is an expert in managing your international IDIs and focus groups. Our team is significantly experienced in connecting parties in virtually every country worldwide. Your project can be based in the U.S., UK, EU, or based in another country throughout the world.

Facility Observation

Conduct a focus group in a traditional facility and transmit live to remote viewers. Your moderator and respondents can even be in separate locations, even on the other side of the world. Our solution is both flexible, and not expensive.

Our Service is local to global. We’ve facilitated virtually every kind of IDI or Focus Group project possible. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Our Core Value:

Your Project Is Our Most Important Priority.

Civicom built and maintains its own proprietary audio conferencing system, which gives us extreme control over the quality of our audio lines and your recordings, as well as full integration with our web conferencing platform. We can monitor audio activity visually and manage noise detection, echoing, and other factors that impact your experience.
Technical Support

Technical assistance is always available with a single phone call to a person who knows about your project and will immediately help you. A Civicom technician is always with you to manage the online visuals during your IDIs or focus groups, so you can concentrate exclusively on your content.

Advice and Expertise

Our IDIs and Focus Group services are tailored to support the specific requirements of your unique project. We listen and work with you to develop an audio and web approach that works for your specific needs. We have designed many solutions that our clients never imagined could be done online and over the phone, including ideation studies, website usability, and shopper insights.

Moderator Training

We show you how our audio and web-enabled IDIs and online focus groups enhance your research process. We will set up everything for you. We also give you access instructions to enable your clients to listen in as well as observe. We’ll walk you through your web room in advance to make sure you are confident and ready.

Add Webcams to enhance and personalize the interview or focus group experience. Civicom will ship a webcam to each respondent and conduct a tech check with each person to assure they have the webcam installed correctly and are all ready for your interviews or webcam Focus Groups.

Website Usability Research

Facility Observation

Facility Observation

Self Directed IDIs

Some clients are on a super-tight budget. Civicom Marketing Reasearch Services gives you the flexibility to use our audio and web conferencing center on a self-directed basis. If you need to conduct Dyads or Triads, this can Self-Directed IDIseasily be done with the same Civicom technology that we use for IDIs and Focus Groups.

Facilitating In-depth Interviews and Online Focus Groups

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