Get Actionable Insights Into Real World Consumer Behavior with Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research:

The Benefits of Mobile Research

Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone. If they don’t, they have a land line. Civicom InSitu lets you use these devices to collect qualitative data. The process is convenient for both researchers and respondents. It lets you reach a broader population, improves accuracy of data, gets you closer to the real thoughts and feelings of respondents, and is more personal, with faster turnaround time. Plus, respondents love it. Civicom Marketing Research Services offers Civicom InSitu to help you to make the most of these opportunities.

Mobile Ethnography

Civicom InSitu is a form of self-administered mobile ethnographic research and mobile diaries that lets you collect user-generated content – audio recordings, video, images and text – from respondents as they go about their daily lives. All respondents need is a phone. Civicom InSitu can be used with any cell phone or mobile device, and even with land lines. The respondents provide data over a period of time according to a plan of your design. You are then able to analyze that data to learn how behavior changes or is consistent over time.

Be Closer to the Moment

Obtaining in-the-moment feedback gives you insight into respondents’ real thoughts, actions, and intentions as they are happening. Plus with audio recording, you are gaining the added element of emotional context. You get insights from respondents while they are in the real world,
from wherever they may be at the moment.

Gain Unmediated Insight

Civicom mobile research lets you collect impressions from respondents while they are in their natural environment, going about their daily lives. There is less intrusion into the respondent’s personal space. You gain access to the respondents’ experiences in private moments when a researcher would not normally have access. Plus respondents tend to be very honest and thoughtful in their comments, when providing those thoughts from the relative privacy of their phone, leading to increased authenticity.

Mobile Qualitative Research | Civicom Insitu

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