Civicom Flies to Amsterdam for MRMW and MMRA

Greenwich, CT USA, April 17, 2011. Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom will sponsor, speak and exhibit at the Market Research in the Mobile World in Amsterdam April 18th – 19th to show their support to the marketing research industry in embracing the emergence of more sophisticated and advanced mobile marketing research technology.

Civicom Marketing Research Services helps marketing researchers by facilitating their telephone and web-enabled research projects using the latest technologies, combined with superior client service and support. Civicom also offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, which gives marketing researchers the ability to get actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through respondents using mobile devices, smart phones, and even traditional land lines. Civicom’s also offers an iPad and iPhone App for mobile research. Learn more about Civicom Marketing Research Services.

Civicom believes in creating practical innovative technology solutions to make it possible for marketing researchers to reach a broader respondent base, as well as the opportunity to reach every person with a phone. The resulting insights are greatly valued as an integral part of the bigger picture of marketing research: reaching the right target market and sending the right message.

Mobile qualitative research brings about results from truly richer data derived from unadulterated insights in the moment.  As pioneers in providing practical mobile research solutions to the marketing research community, and advocates of this innovative methodology, Civicom supports MRMW in promoting breakthrough applications for mobile phones, as well as in building a community of shared mobile insights among researchers, developers, and service providers.

Rebecca West, Civicom’s Global VP of Marketing Research Services, is presenting a compelling piece on mobile qualitative research entitled: Getting to “WHY?”- using mix and match mobile technologies to gain heuristic insights in the moment.  In her presentation, Rebecca will discuss how audio, visual and emotion tracking inputs tease out the most insightful questions to investigate.  In-the-moment information about the decision process—as it is happening—is becoming indispensable. Mobile qualitative research provides the tools that will allow you to combine what the consumer is saying with what they are thinking and feeling at the point of sale – and for you to predict what others will think and do as well.  Lastly, the presentation will explain how you can combine various technologies with mobile qualitative tools and determine how people seek shortcuts to expediently arrive at judgments and to make decisions, with practical examples of real world applications.

Civicom also plays an active role as one of the founding members of the MMRA Global (Mobile Marketing Research Association).  They will attend the inaugural MMRA General Assembly the day following the MRMW Conference, at the same location in Amsterdam.