The MMRA Workshop on Mobile Quantitative Research Tools will be led by Civicom at MRMW Minneapolis

civicom_mrmw_north_americaThe Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA) has picked Civicom Marketing Research Services to lead a commencement workshop going before Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) North America 2013 in Minneapolis, July 16-18. The workshop ‘Conducting Mobile Quant Projects Successfully’ will be headed by Rebecca West, Civicom VP for Marketing Research Services, and Annie Mcdannald, Civicom Senior Account Manager and Project Advocate.

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Civicom Sponsors Online Portal for GreenBook IIExNA Conference Video on Demand

Greenwich, CT USA, June 12, 2013. Civicom Marketing Research Services will join with GreenBook as a sponsor of the post conference web portal featuring on demand video replay of program content generated though the upcoming GreenBook Insight Innovation Exchange (IIEx NA) conference, a fast paced and intensive program designed to generate consumer insights leverage for marketing researchers. The event is being held at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown June 17 – 19. Over 75 individual presentations are scheduled during the event. The video portal will be available a few weeks following the conference. Civicom Sponsors IIExNA Conference

The GreenBook Insight Innovation Exchange (IIEx NA) conference will bring participants up to speed on the latest trends in the global market research industry. The program will also feature a special interactive workshop on using games to explore human behavior.

The conference also features the Insight Innovation Competition, an opportunity for service providers to offer solutions to a set of client-submitted requests for solutions to unmet needs revolving around the key question, “What’s your most critical consumer insights-related need that is currently NOT being addressed by your suppliers or tools?” At IIExNA, a set of selected industry experts will share their insights about how to tackle these issues using the most tangible and creative solutions.

The Insight Innovation Exchange is presented by GreenBook, a unit of New York American Marketing Association Communication Services. GreenBook provides a compilation of worldwide marketing research companies through the online and print versions of its Worldwide Directory of Marketing Research Companies and Services, subdivided into more than 400 research categories based on specific services offered, as well as the markets that these companies serve. In addition GreenBook offers rich content for marketing researchers and industry suppliers to delve through for ideas.

Civicom Marketing Research Services is a global innovator in qualitative research tools using the latest technology solutions for marketing research. The company works with market research firms, facilitating telephone and web-based IDIs and Focus Groups, online multimedia bulletin boards, and mobile research capabilities that enable projects to have extensive, global reach. Learn more about Civicom Marketing Research Services by contacting Civicom Marketing Research Services at +1-203-413-2423 or at


Stimuli Management and Accessibility

In market research, using stimuli is very common. A stimuli may be an advertisement, a concept, an image, a video or audio file that elicit a variety of responses from participants.

 Stimuli Management and Accessibility

Part of marketing research is conducting in depth interviews and focus groups. As a regulator or facilitator for any interview, it is a natural requirement to always be prepared. For some interviewers, their mode of connection with their respondents is through networks like skype, tango, msn and more. However, in sharing files like stimuli, it is done by copying and pasting them onto a word file then sharing it to the respondent. The respondent then downloads the file, opens it, and only then is able to have a look at the image or ad. Long process, isn’t it?

Another downside is, instead of showing the stimuli one at a time, facilitators might send them all in one bulk to save effort leaving respondents to view them all at once – maybe in a different way the facilitator planned. This makes the process quite disorganized and sort of messes up all the step by step preparation, doesn’t it?

Recently, marketing research providers have created an online working environment where they can maximise the use of stimuli. In an in depth interview or focus group, they can simultaneously present stimuli to the respondents and the observer systematically, by copying and pasting directly in their work environment instead of using word files. They can have the stimuli pop up in certain parts throughout the discussion. It could be done per image, or video, repeatedly or only once in the entire session.

This allows the regulator to monitor the reactions and responses given by the members as they go along each stimuli together. The regulator can be in full control of how to use the stimuli effectively in IDI’s and groups.

Some in-site applications of market research companies have the ability to watch how respondents test a new website’s user-friendliness by monitoring what they do on the site, where they go, and why they go to those parts of the site. It records what the respondents’ reactions are making a review of the entire process easy afterwards.

One of the best things these tools can do is making the job of a regulator easier. It is a

lso more convenient for the respondents as well since most of what they need is made available by a few clicks. Of course, responses are later analyzed, transcribed and reported.

How the Internet Helps Focus Groups for Marketing Research

Customarily, marketing research methods were done with a lot of physical involvement. It consisted of a lot of traveling and face-to-faces meetings. This was not just on the side of the researcher, but also on the side of the respondent. One of the tools for marketing research is organizing a focus group and only until not so recently have market researchers incorporated the power of the internet connection into their methods.

How the Internet Helps Focus Groups for Marketing Research

Focus groups are made of members who share similar tasks at given times. In the duration of the research project, they are committed to a regular meet-up in order to discuss a variety of topics about a specific topic, product, idea or method of service. Most times a focus group is created to provide feedback about products that are about to or have just been released to the public.  Imagine how one day in the week of going through the hassle of going out of the way to meet each week in a venue that may not be the most convenient place for everyone at a time that only MOST but NOT all can regularly attend. Well, thanks the internet, focus groups are no longer as difficult as it was nor is it as bothersome for both the facilitator and the participants.

One of the greatest gifts of the internet to marketing research is how much it has cut its research expenses; many online apps are FREE! Nowadays, focus groups can be done online through conference calls, individual calls or video/voice chatting. Most researchers feel that applications like Skype and are applications sufficient enough to be utilized as the medium of keeping in touch with the members of the group and since they are used worldwide, most people have a chat ID for Skype,, tango or the like.

No discouragement there. They are the most used apps these days, business or not, but of course marketing research companies have also created their own apps for conducting focus groups with a lot of tools added to the chat rooms. They have incorporated the video conferencing with the tools to do file sharing, show presentations and visuals that allow the researcher to make visual notes or explanations for the entire focus group to see. It also provides links to their online bulletin for continued discussions outside their scheduled meetings. The best thing is that they are flexible enough to be downloaded on Apple, Android phones and MS and MAC PCs.

Civicom Promotes Making the Most of Pinterest as a Tool for Marketing Research

Greenwich, CT USA, May 27, 2013. Civicom Marketing Research Services, a leader in innovative technology solutions for marketing researchers, has expanded its services in helping its clients use Pinterest for marketing research projects. Pinterest continues to be one of the fastest growing social media websites. The site currently drives more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The appeal to brands is enormous. The site is also a rich option for conducting qualitative research.

Pinterest for Civicom PR

Civicom Pinterest services are designed for conducting qualitative research studies where clients engage in projective techniques, self-expression activities, online photo diaries, or in creating collages related to brand or idea association. Clients are able to get a visual understanding of thought processes and perceptions within the mind of the respondent as a result.

“We help our clients engage Pinterest as a sorting tool, for an online photo diary, or to combine it with a mobile qualitative study including IDIs or focus groups. Pinterest has a lot of possibilities when used as a self-standing research study tool, and as part of a homework assignment,” according to Annie McDannald, a senior account manager with Civicom Marketing Research Services.

Civicom provides a Pinterest account for each respondent then introduces each respondent to the Pinterest website and provides guidance for how to complete the Pinterest assignment. Respondents create boards or Civicom creates the boards for the respondents. Respondents then pin images and provide descriptions based on the research activity required. Civicom then archives the completed boards.

Respondents are provided with a Civicom Pinterest Coach to reference for technical assistance throughout the project. Civicom educates respondents on making sure their pins are be well thought out and clearly illustrate the study objectives and include useful descriptions that relate to the study.

With the exception of secret boards, activity on Pinterest can potentially be viewed by anyone looking through the Pinterest website. Civicom provides release forms stating this understanding. Civicom also reminds respondents to pin images from the source site, rather than downloading images and then uploading them to Pinterest as their own. These guidelines help avoid copyright violation.

Once an assignment is completed and has been archived, Civicom deletes the respondent boards and pins from Pinterest. The company shares archived boards only with the project research team.

Once an assignment is completed and has been archived, Civicom deletes the respondent boards and pins from Pinterest. The company shares archived boards only with the project research team.

Pinterest is a platform that allows users to gather photos they find interesting and post them on virtual pin boards. Users can browse pin boards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share their interests. Users connect based on common interests rather than just through people they know.

Launched in 2009, Pinterest introduced secret boards in 2012 and data analytics tools in 2013. Civicom Marketing Research Services has been at the forefront of innovative technology for marketing research for nearly ten years. The company is the global leader in telephone and web-enabled IDIs and focus groups through CyberFacility™, offers Civicom InSitu® mobile qualitative research services and mobile surveys, as well as Civicom Chatterbox®, and online multimedia bulletin board, in addition to respondent recruiting and qualitative text analytics.

To learn more about Civicom Marketing Research services using Pinterest visit, email, or call +1-203-413-2423.


Civicom sponsors Merlien’s Market Research in the Mobile World Global Conferences

Marketing Research Services global provider Civicom, has re-affirmed their support as Gold Sponsors for Merlien’s MRMW Global Conferences


May 21, 2013 – Market Research in the Mobile World ( is a leading Global Conference Series focusing exclusively on mobile marketing research. Trusted by over 1500 visitors worldwide, MRMW is the premier event bringing you the real trends, new exciting speakers and surprising insight. The event series is held annually in three continents in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

“Civicom has been a great partner for MRMW and we are very excited to continue our great relationship in 2013. Rebecca West and her team continue to push the envelope for marketing research and have completed some impressive mobile projects,” said Jens Cornelissen, Merlien’s MD for Europe and North America.

Rebecca West, the VP Marketing Research Service of Civicom will be speaking at the conference. “We are looking forward sharing a successful case study, using live examples from several countries, that shows how it is possible to conduct mobile qualitative research in almost any of 96 countries, and turn the obtained insight into business opportunities”, says West.

The MRMW North America edition will take place July 16-18 in Minneapolis, USA. For this year’s event, we will take a close look at how mobile has and is changing overall research design and how new stakeholders like mobile operators and large internet companies are becoming part of the ecosystem.

Join us in Minneapolis this summer and hear Top Fortune 500 companies and leading industry experts from MIT, Walmart, Supervalu, 3M, UnitedHealth Group, General Mills, P&G, Sprint discuss the challenges and opportunities of mobile marketing research for their businesses. Network with leading innovators from Kantar, uSamp, Civicom, Google, Research Now, Toluna , SSI and discuss how their ground-breaking mobile technologies can help translate customer data into actionable strategies.

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